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Tips & Tricks

Woodworking Tips & Tricks. Work smarter and faster by using some of our top tips on you next woodwork project.

Sanding Detailed Or Difficult Areas

You sand to remove paint or varnish, to remove chips, dents and rough edges, to round off and chamfer, and to prepare for painting. Sanding is also necessary between coats of paint, sealer or varnish to provide an ultra smooth and glossy finish. There are various sanding tools on the… Read more

Using Pneumatic Tools For DIY

Pneumatic power tools are used around the world for their convenience and ability to speed up DIY project. Here in South Africa we still have to discover the practicality of using pneumatic power tools. While there isn’t a large variety of pneumatic tools available, there are pneumatic nail guns priced… Read more

Best Drill Bits To Buy For DIY

Home-Dzine.co.za – I am often asked for my advice on the best drill bits to buy, and actually discuss this as part of our DIY Divas workshops. For me, it makes sense to buy a quality brand that not only makes any job easier but also lasts longer – and… Read more

A Jigsaw – Must-Have Power Tool For Cutting

A Jigsaw - Must-Have Power Tool For Cutting

While there are a few power tools that every DIYer should consider adding to their workshop, a jigsaw is probably the most essential. Not only for basic cutting, you can use a jigsaw for fine woodworking and furniture making. Two things that makes a jigsaw so versatile are: – There… Read more

If DIY Was As Easy As It Is On TV

If DIY Was As Easy As It Is On TV

Imagine if real life was as easy as TV: we’d whip up gourmet meals in half an hour and our homes would be resplendent mansions, adorned in granite, hardwood, marble and gleaming chrome fixtures. Cooking, home renovation and decorating shows really do make it seem as if anyone can do… Read more

Measure Twice – Cut Once!


There have been many times when I could kick myself for not measuring properly. A few millimetres here and there can make a big difference when you start to assemble a cut project. And there’s no guarantee that having your board cut to size will solve the problem – more… Read more

Know Your Screw Types


This is not an exhaustive list – it details the drive systems you are most likely to encounter in woodworking.  At the end of the section is a table of driver sizes to use with various screw sizes. Slotted This is used to be the most common drive. You see… Read more

Clamp It

Clamps are essential tools for any DIY-er. They can hold adjoining pieces of a project in position until glue has dried, they act like an extra pair of hands, and they come in various styles. Pipe clamp This clamp kit fits onto 19mm threaded pipe. A sliding jaw operates with… Read more

Basic DIY hand tools


Planning to do some home improvements? Here are a selection of hand tools you may need for the job: Basic DIY hand tools Safety glasses. First and most important on the list… No matter what other tools you buy, don’t leave the hardware store without safety glasses. You will find… Read more

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