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Woodworking Articles

  • Make Your Own Legs Or Feet For Furniture

    You only need a few pieces of PAR pine to make your own legs or feet for furniture. By making your own legs or feet you can design your own style to match a style or be a unique feature for furniture. I normally use 44 x 44mm or 50… Read more
  • Make A Hanging Pot Rack

    Keep cooking utensils within reach by building a lattice pot rack to hang them from the ceiling. Small lattice trellis (in the garden section) 3 metres of rope 30mm wood screws Drill/Driver and asstd drill and screw bits 180-grit sandpaper Semi-gloss enamel paint Paintbrushes Mineral turps for clean up 2… Read more
  • Best Drill Bits To Buy For DIY

    Home-Dzine.co.za – I am often asked for my advice on the best drill bits to buy, and actually discuss this as part of our DIY Divas workshops. For me, it makes sense to buy a quality brand that not only makes any job easier but also lasts longer – and… Read more
  • How To Use A Countersink Bit

    If you’re making a project and you don’t want the screw heads to be visible, you will need to use a countersink bit. And since PG Bison SupaWood is harder than pine, if you don’t countersink the screw heads will be visible. WHAT IS A COUNTERSINK BIT? A countersink bit… Read more
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