Wetstone Sharpening Attachment (MS3001)


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Product Description

Benefits of Water-Cooled Sharpening:

Stone & tool kept constantly cool

  • Burning & loss of hardness of tool edge eliminated
  • Superb razor sharp professional results every time.
  • WATER-COOLING is acknowledged by professionals to hone the finest edges. This compact system uses a controlled flow of water to eliminate the over-heating with a dry wheel and a chisel edge. Simply fill the built-in reservoir with water, turn on the power drill and a continuous film of water covers the face of the grinding wheel.

Wood Chisels & Plane Blades

  • Wetstone resharpens even badly damaged chisels/plane blades quickly, because it uses the high power/torque of an electric drill. The chisel clamp accurately holds the blade at the selected angle (25º to 40º) for a precision ground edge.
  • Sharpens chisels & plane blades 10-60mm wide (3/8″- 23/8″) incl. firmer, bevel edge and rebate chisels 25º, 30º, 35º, 40º sharpening angles
  • The traditional leather strop removes any burr, for a razor sharp edge.

Small Tools

  • Re-sharpens, re-points and re-edges a whole range of small tools including: gouges, cold chisels, bradawls, screwdrivers, centre-punches, scribers, wood carving / turning tools, etc. Marked angles on the Tool Rest indicate tip angles.

Knives & Scissors

  • Also included with the system are guides to sharpen both knives and scissors at the correct angle.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is sent out in a strong plain box, which doubles as useful storage for the products parts.


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