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Product Description

Your shop may be filled with the finest cutting and shaping tools money can buy, but if you don’t measure and mark precisely, your project parts will fit like a cheap suit. We have but together a starter measuring tools kit for you.

This Bundle Includes The following:

1 x TorkCraft Aluminium Try Handle Square 300mm (ME08300).

A try square is a woodworking or a metalworking tool used for marking and measuring a piece of wood. The square refers to the tool’s primary use of measuring the accuracy of a right angle (90 degrees); to try a surface is to check its straightness or correspondence to an adjoining surface.


1 x TorkCraft Aluminium Handle Combination Square (ME09030).

The combination square consist of adjustable 300mm ruler fitted onto a a 90°/45° square. The square also has a built-in spirit level. it is mostly used in the woodworking, stone masonry and metalworking industries.


1 x TorkCraft Digital Depth Gauge 60mm (ME09060).

The digital depth gauge is an instrument used to measure the depth, width and height of tooling in stationary machines.

The depth gauge can be used to setup:

  • The height adjustment of a circular saw blade above the table for grooving.
  • The height and depth adjustment on a router table for moulding/counter-profiling.
  • The width adjustment on the rip fence of a bandsaw.


1 x TorkCraft Measuring Tape Self Lock 8m X 25mm S/S & Rubber Casing Matt Finish (ME05825).

The retractable measuring tape is an extremely useful tool to be used in all measuring applications.


  • Auto locking mechanism.
  • Metal and rubber protective casing.
  • Easy to release.
  • 20% thicker blade for added durability and longer life.


1 x TorkCraft Aluminium Straight Edge Ruler Type B 1000mm x 50mm x 5.0mm (ME02100).

The sturdy, lightweight aluminium ruler can be used to measure materials with easy to read markings that start right from the end.


Length: 1000mm
Width: 50mm
Thickness: 5.0mm


1 x TorkCraft Vernier Digital Fractional 150mm Stainless Steel (ME12150).

The vernier caliper is used to give a direct reading of the distance measured with high accuracy and precision.


Measuring length: 150mm
Readout: Digital (fractional)
Material: Stainless steel
Accuracy: 0.05mm


1 x TorkCraft Steel Profile Gauge 150mm – Max Profile Depth 45mm (ME04150).

  • A profile gauge is a tool that is used to repeat an existing profile. The loose pins in the gauge are pressed into the profile to give an exact mirror of the profile.
  • The profile can then be transfered to a piece of paper or scanned into a computer.
  • The transfer depth is max: 45mm



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