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  • Rating: 4 out of 5

    Very good value for money router. It has a lot of features compared to other entry level models – micro-adjust, LED light, speed control, spindle lock. Downsides for me are slightly sticky plunge action and terrible dust collection (which is true for most routers). Since it is limited to 1/4″ and 8mm bits, I ended up reaching for my small trim router more often for handheld work. So it has earned a very hardworking place under the router table – and it works extremely well for this application, and at a good price.

  • Rating: 5 out of 5

    Made for Bosch by Mafell. In Germany. It is therefore exceptionally well made and extremely accurate, especially when used with the FSN rail system. Dust collection is very good – I saw claims of around 90% and I don’think that is far from accurate. The saw is also very powerful, I’ve not been able to find anything it couldn’t handle. Two downsides: When cutting bevels the saw is not as balanced on the rail as I would like, the Makita tracksaw has locks to improve this. And no riving knife. I’ve also found that the rail can slide around a bit – especially when working with smooth materials – the FSN SZW clamps sorts that out. Overall it is a very good tool and I will not easily trade it for anything – including the Festool.

  • Hey there @am yes, these rods are indeed included with the Festool OF1400 EBQ-Plus ZA Router (574310)

  • The guide rail adapter (492601) mentions that the rods are included with the OF 1400, but they are not explicitly listed on this page. Can you confirm if they are included or not? Thank you!

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