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Power Tool Reviews

Power Tool Reviews. Tools4Wood reviews many of it’s woodworking power tools. Get information on the best and worst features of your tools.

The Bosch PSB Combi Drill/Driver

The Bosch PSB Combi Drill/Driver

If you are shopping for new power tools, or looking to upgrade your old tools, don’t forget to check out the Bosch PSB Combi Drill/Driver. Small enough to use as a standard Drill/Driver, yet powerful enough to use as an Impact Drill the Bosch PSB 18 LI-2 is designed to… Read more

What are Automaxx™ Clamps


These clamps feature auto-adjust technology, eliminating the need to readjust the clamp for every change in material thickness. Just squeeze the padded handles and the clamp locks your material to your benchtop, no matter what the thickness. See our Automaxx™ Range Here

Use the right sander


There are various sanding tools available for DIY enthusiasts. For larger jobs, an electric sander can be a lifesaver. For smaller jobs, there are hand-held and cordless versions. Belt Sander On the belt sander a length of abrasive is formed into a wide fabric backed belt which is stretched over… Read more

Know your Drill Driver


As one of the best investments for anyone interested in do-it-yourself, a drill/driver is a versatile two-in-one power tool. If you own one and haven’t used it yet, here’s a rundown on what these powerful tools can do. A drill/driver is a combination screwdriver and drill. The back control ring… Read more

Essential power tools for DIY


Whether you DIY your home improvement, DIY home repairs or DIY for fun, do-it-yourself is the way to go. Those that DIY not only save a bundle, they also know that a job is done properly (with there right knowledge), and professionally (with the right tools). These are the essential… Read more

Benefits of lithium ion tools


In the last five years we’ve seen some drastic improvements in power tools. They have gone from being heavy, large and bulky, to ergonomically designed and lightweight tools that are easy to use. But that’s not all … Latest advances in battery technology offers power tool users Lithium-Ion as a… Read more

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