• A

    • ACCUD
      ACCUD products line not only covers traditional gauges such as calipers, micrometers, dial gauges, indicators, height gauges, gauge blocks, but also covers high-technology measuring instruments like hardness tester, vision measuring machine. ACCUD products are mainly manufactured in Asia, and further selected according to strict quality criteria.
    • AirCraft
      AirCraft Pneumatic Systems offer a wide range of Air Brushes, Spray Guns, Mini Compressors and pneumatic fittings. Perfect for the DIYer and Professional alike
    • Alpen
      Proffessional Wood working drill bits. The extensive Alpen drill bit range is available from Tools4Wood
    • Arbortech
      Arbortech offer a wide range of quality, innovative woodwoorking products with the ambition to provide and make a real difference for the end user; whether it is providing a safer, more convenient method or a creative approach.
    • Armor Tool
      Armor Tool was formed by a group of industry veterans with a long history of profound innovation in various tool markets. A Michigan-based manufacturer of tools for the DIY, industrial and woodworking markets worldwide. Clamping technology is their forte – HOLD EVERYTHING!
  • B

    • Bessey
      Bessey Clamps are known worldwide for their strength and reliability. Perfect for woodworkers looking for F Clamps, Lever Clamps or Spring Clamps
    • Bosch Blue
      Power Tools and accessories for the professional woodworker. Circular saws, cordless drills and excellent orbital sanders, all available through Tools4Wood
    • Bosch Green
      Power Tools and accessories for the home woodworker. Mitre saws, multi-tools and innovative routers and systems, all available through Tools4Wood
  • C

    • Cadex
      For over 18 years, Cadex has been dedicated to engineering and selling the highest quality pneumatic tools. A dedication to design, commitment to quality, and attention to detail have placed Cadex as a leader in the pneumatic market.
    • City Tools
      Professional CNC tooling for high speed manufacturing. Specialized tooling available of request. Compression cutters, roughing and finishing cutters available.
    • Corradi
    • Crown
      Crown Tools. Precision woodworking Squares, Bevels and Gouges, all available in South Africa at
  • D

    • Dewalt
      DEWALT is the leader in contractor power tools including cordless drills, woodworking tools and professional power tools.
    • DMT
      Diamond sharperners and Honing disks. DMT produces the worlds finest tool sharpening equipment and is available from Tools4Wood
    • Dremel
      Dremel Rotating engraving tools are the benchmark for the home woodworker. Their range includes glue guns and plunge routers and accessory kits
    • Drill Doctor
      Quickly sharpen drill bits. Bring your dull drill bits back to life with the Drill Doctor form Tools4Wood
  • E

    • Easy Wood Tools
      Easy WoodTools. Quality turning chisels, detailers and lathe chucks, all available in South Africa at
  • F

    • Fein
      The original multi-tool. Fein's Multitools are perfect for professional or DIYers alike. Quick and safe cutting with the innovative vibrating blade
    • Festool
      Saws, jigsaws, drills, routers and accessories. Festool is one of the most respected names in woodworking. The range of power tools is available from Tools4Wood
    • Fisch
      Fisch Tools. Pen making bits and jigs, available in South Africa at
    • Flex
      Quality tools from professionals for professionals. The excellent Range of Flex Power Tools is available from Tools4Wood
    • Flexcut
      Flexcut Tools. Woodworking carving knives, scrapers and detailers, all available in South Africa at
  • G

    • GAV
      GAV supply a range of Spray Guns and Pneumatic Accessories. Their product range is extensive and is available from Tools4Wood
    • General Tools
    • GMC
      The economical and hardworking range of engravers and rotary tools is avaliable in South Africa through Tools4Wood
    • Gobelins
      Gobelins WoodCare products are a precise formulation of natural vegetable oils, mildew and UV inhibitors, resins and water resistant elements which all ensure the best possible protection against the harsh South African elements. Our products are easy to apply with a penetrating finish, and produce a pleasing natural look on all types of timber.
    • Groz
      Groz Tools. Woodworking calipers, squares, scribes and compasses, all available in South Africa at
  • H

    • Hitachi
      Every time you choose to purchase a Hitachi power tool, you can be assured not only that you have made an excellent choice, but the tool that you have chosen has been designed for your satisfaction and peace of mind
    • Hock
    • Hoffmann
      The Hoffmann Dovetail joint is used in a variety of joinery applications. From picture framing, to cabinet making and all without glue.
    • Howard
      Polishes, Oils and Waxes to protect your Wood. Howard woodworking finishes ensure that your project stands the test of time
  • I

    • Incra
      Incra Tools. Precision woodworking T-tracks, T-rules, and sliding systems, all available in South Africa at
    • Iwasaki
  • J

    • Jax Oleum
      Jax Oleum is proudly manufactured in South Africa using natural, eco-friendly material.
    • Josef Haunstetter
      Precision Scroll Saw blades. Josef Haunstetter are some of the finest scrollsaw blades available in South Africa. Available from Tools4Wood
  • K

    • Kreg
      Kreg pocket hole jigs have changed the face of woodworking. Their master systems and automaxx clamps make any type of join stronger, more accurate and faster
  • M

    • Magswitch
      The magnetic solution for lifting equipment and work aid for efficient workplaces. Words like "Wow", "Amazing", or "Incredible" come to you. With a whole new level of easy on off control over strong permanent magnets, Magswitch offers a combination of efficiency and enduring strength that has opened eyes to rethink the way so many things are done.
    • Makita
      Power tools to last a lifetime. Makita drills, routers, saws and accessories are available in South Africa through Tools4wood.
    • Makita MT
      Makita has launched a replacement for its off-brand Maktec range of power tools. The new diffusion brand, named "the Makita MT Series", signals a change of market strategy at what has been one of the world's best tool design/manufacturing companies.
    • Maktec
      When the Makita research and development team was asked to create a range of power-tools good enough to carry the Makita name, with fewer parts, yet retain exceptional functionality, their answer was Maktec Industrial Power Tools.
    • Martlet
      Light Industrial Machinery. Shop online for Woodworking Machines in South Africa from Free delivery for orders over R1000.
    • Metabo
      This contractor quality brand includes cordless drills, saws and power tools which are designed to last. The Metabo range is available through Tools4Wood
    • Milescraft
      Milescraft Tools. Woodworking doweling jigs, sign jigs and dowel centres, all available in South Africa at
    • Multi-Sharp
      Multi-Sharp Tools. Precision woodworking tools sharpening systems, all available in South Africa at
  • N

    • Norton
      Norton Tools. Contour sanding kits and sanding sponges, all available in South Africa at
  • P

    • Pfeil
      Pfeil, the ultimate chisels for carving, turning and everything else. This fantastic range is available through
    • PG Mini
    • PG Professional
    • Pinnacle
      Pinnacle Tools. Woodworking handscrew clamps, slipstones and bar clamps, all available in South Africa at
    • Pro-Tech
      Router bits, router bearings, forming tools and cutter blocks are just some of the products available from Pro Tech. Sets and bits available from Tools4Wood
  • R

    • Ramelson
      Ramelson Tools. Precision woodworking chisels, palm gouges and carving tools, all available in South Africa at
  • S

    • Sagola
      Sagola is a manufacturer of one of the world's best spray painting solutions. A wide range of spray guns is available through Tools4Wood
    • SawStop
      SawStop Saws Detect Contact With Skin. The blade carries a small electrical signal, which the safety system continually monitors. When skin contacts the blade, the signal changes because the human body is conductive. Woodworking is now safer.
    • Scheppach
      Semi-industrial woodworking machines, dust extractors and equipment. Scheppach power tools will make your next wood working project a dream
    • Sjobergs
      Manufacturer of wooden benches for woodwork rooms, workbenches and work benches for DIY enthusiasts and children.
    • Skil
      Entry level power tools, saws, routers and drills. The innovative Skil range of powertools and accessories is available in South Africa from Tools4Wood
    • Souber Tools
    • Spring Tools
      Countersinking, nail setting, carving and chiseling have never been easier. Spring Tools will change the way you work with wood. Available from Tools4Wood
    • Stanley
      Since 1843, STANLEY has become a leading name in hand tool industry; we've set the standard for excellence in everything we do. No company on earth has a stronger or more compelling history of delivering the hardworking, powerful and innovational tools that help professionals, tradesmen and consumers around the world.
  • T

    • Task
    • Teknatool
      Teknatool. Woodworking lathe chucks and jaws, all available in South Africa at
    • Toni
      Flipover saws, Mitre Saws and workshop equipment. The Toni range is available in South Africa from Tools4Wood
    • TorkCraft
      Power Tool Accessories. If you need powertool accessories, saw blades, drill bits, router bits, clamps, chucks you will find them in this impressive range.
    • Tormek
      Simply the best sharpening system available. The Tormek wet stone sharpener has a range of jigs to sharpen any cutting tool. Available from Tools4Wood
    • Triton
      Triton Tools are a household name in South Africa for their excellent woodworking tools, router and saw tables and powerful belt sanders.
  • V

    • Veritas
      Veritas Tools. Precision woodworking Saws and woodwork systems, all available in South Africa at
  • W

    • Whiteside
      Whiteside Bits. Precision woodworking router bits, all available in South Africa at
    • Wood Repair
      We are specialized in wood repair products and solutions and cover a full product line of wood repair products to all sorts of repairs in wood. In 1992, Bjarne Bøgh Pedersen develedoped our unique product Knot Filler, that is suitable for all kind of repairs, both standard and more difficult repairs.
    • Wood River
      Crown Tools. Precision woodworking planes, chisels, pen kits and systems, all available in South Africa at
    • Woodpeckers
      Woodpeckers Tools. Innovative woodworking guides, rails and systems, all available in South Africa at
    • WoodRiver
      Woodriver Tools. Precision woodworking systems available in South Africa at
    • Woodster
      Woodworking power tools, dust extractors and equipment. Woodsrer power tools will make your next wood working project a breeze.